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Frequently asked questions

Where is Superior Paddlesports Located?

Superior Paddlesports is a delivery only company. We specialize in door-2-door service and will deliver your paddleboard and river tube packages to your accommodations. Our delivery service is included with each reservation and will make your on-water experience easy and convenient! There is really no better way to do it. Superior Paddlesports does not have a physical location where you can rent in-person.

Can you deliver my rentals to Grand Teton National Park?

Unfortunately we are not able to legally deliver rental equipment into the National Parks or Forest Service lands in our area. Superior Paddlesports delivers to physical addresses in the Jackson Valley including: Town of Jackson, Teton Village, Wilson, Fall Creek Road, Kelly, Hoback, and beyond.

Where does Superior Paddlesports deliver and at what times?

Superior Paddlesports delivers to the following areas. 1. Teton Village, Wilson, and Fall Creek areas each morning from 7-1130 AM 2. Town of Jackson & surrounding areas each evening from 5:15-9:45 PM 3. Superior Paddlesports does not currently deliver to Idaho or Alpine. However, if you are coming through Jackson we are happy to meet you at a public locations. Please choose one of the following during the booking process. -Village Road Transit Center (If you are coming from Victor or Driggs ID) -Home Ranch Lot (If you are coming from south of Jackson) If your schedule does not work with one of our delivery slots, please give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you. (307) 413-6751.

Do I need to reserve my equipment in advance?

Due to the high demand for stand up paddleboard and river tubes rentals in the Jackson area, we strongly recommend that you reserve your equipment online in advance. If you'd like to rent with short notice or day-of please check our website for availability or give us a call. (307) 413-6751.

Do you have half-day rentals?

At this time Superior Paddlesports does not provide half-day rentals. The paddling destinations in our area require some driving to access and we believe you'll need at least a full-day, if not more, to have a proper adventure. Take your time and enjoy!

Do you give discounts for longer rentals?

Yes! rentals of 3-6 days receive a 10% discount and 7+ days receive 20%.

What is included with a Paddleboard or River Tube Package?

All rentals include FREE delivery within our range of operation. Stand Up Paddleboard Package: - Board, Life Jacket, Adjustable Paddle, Hand Pump, Backpack-Style Carry Bag, Tie-Downs, SUPerior Service. River Tube Package: - River Tube, Life Jacket, Hand Pump (if available), SUPerior Service. Rental Add-Ons Include: - Drybag 5L, great for carrying food, warm layers, phone, and water during your paddle. - Electric Car Battery Pump, a lifesaver if you'll be inflating your board multiple times during your rental. - Bear Spray, recommended in the National Parks and Forest Service lands.

Do you rent bear spray? Do I need it?

We rent bear spray! - Bear spray in HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are recreating in the National Parks or on Forest Service land. Better safe than sorry and it will give you greater peace of mind. - Because you are unable to fly with bear spray it's more affordable to rent it. Rentals are $5 per day. You will only be charged the full price of the bear spray if it is deployed, which we hope will never happen.

How long is a full-day rental? What if I return rental equipment late?

A full-day rental is 24 hours from the beginning of the rental window you selected. For example, if you select the 6PM-9PM delivery window your rentals must be available for pick-up the following day at 6PM. If you are unable to meet the pick-up window please give us a call and we'll do our best to accommodate you. Late fees may apply.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Payment in full is due for all reservations. Cancellations more than 48 hours in advance will receive a full refund. No refund will be given for late cancellations. If a course or tour is canceled and we cannot provide a suitable alternative we will provide a full refund. Schedules and prices are subject to change. Please note that all cancellations must be received and confirmed by Superior Paddlesports.

What if my rental equipment is damaged or stolen?

As agreed to in the Release of Liability Waiver, you are financially responsible for your rental equipment from drop-off to pick-up. If your equipment is damaged or returned excessively dirty, your card will be charged the appropriate amount for cleaning and repairs. If your equipment is stolen your card will be charged the current full retail amount for each item lost or destroyed.

What if I need to change my reservation?

If your plans change unexpectedly and you need to change your reservation, give us a call and we'll do our best to accommodate you. A small 'change of reservation' fee may apply. (307) 413-6751.

Do your SUPs require a Boat Permit for Grand Teton National Park?

Yes! The good news is that all of our paddleboards already have Boat Permits attached, so you don't have to worry about it! Our River Tubes do NOT require boat permits but be careful, tubes are NOT allowed on the Snake River or other streams within the Park.