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Calm Sea


Our Expertise

SUPerior Paddlesports is as much a product of the Jackson Valley as its owner. Raised on the banks of the Snake River, Frazer Tear brings almost two decades of river experience to this water based venture. Soaked in local knowledge, he may just have some tips that make your trip on the water unlike any other. 

Our Commitment to service

Visitors have been flocking to Jackson in higher numbers each year. As town swells with traffic it can be frustrating to navigate. Our SUPerior service is designed around convenience. Relax at your accommodations while we bring the party to you. If there is any way we can make your Jackson experience better, we will try our best to do so.

Our Philosophy

Water is perhaps the most essential and intriguing element on our planet. It can carve canyons through earth and rock, form elegant frozen crystals, and embody the elixir of life. The beauty and power of water is simply unmatched. We at SUPerior Paddlesports believe that such a precious substance should be understood at the deepest level. For us, that means getting in it! Join us on the water and bathe in the majesty that is revealed to you.

Our pledge to responsible recreation

The waterways in our valley are sacred and their preservation is paramount. We promise to promote responsible water recreation through education, outreach, and by acting as environmental stewards. Wild lands are the heart and soul of the Jackson community and we will do our part to ensure they are enjoyed responsibly. 

Photo of Superior Paddlesports' owner, Frazer Tear.

Frazer Tear


Frazer is really just another mountain guy. You can picture him clearly. He sports a red beard that isn’t particularly well groomed and wears one of four faded tee shirts. Usually red in the face from sun and wind burn he looks older than he is. The lines and wrinkles in his expression are memories of the elements that formed them.  Fortunate to have been raised an explorer, Frazer has taken his adventures to six continents. The river gods called stronger than most and coaxed Frazer down many wild waterways.


Jackson has always felt like home and his globe trotting eventually led Frazer in a great big circle. With 15 years of experience on the river, he felt a calling to share the wonders of the water with Jackson locals and visitors alike. Enter SUPerior Paddlesports! In an effort to maximize on-water enjoyment and minimize off-water hassle, Frazer launched Jackson's first paddlesport rental delivery service. It is not an original idea, and he does not own the intellectual property, but he does believe it will make your days on the water so much easier and more enjoyable that you won't be able to resist renting SUPerior. 


Frazer would like to cordially invite you to the water's edge, where he can then gently push you in. Cheers, enjoy responsibly. 

(307) 413-6751

Mount Moran towers above the calm waters of Jackson Lake. Grand Teton National Park.
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